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The whole world is living online these days! Why fit your business into a standard template? Software development companies in Kochi are the experts in building tailor-made software exclusively for your business to ensure exponential outcomes. Custom software development services from the best software development company in Kerala equip you to beat the severe competition. Know more about the optimal technology solution stack for your business through our experts who are formidable professionals in leading custom software development companies in Kerala.


What do we offer?

Software consulting

Teknoppy software consultation professionals are friendly, and technically sound to draw out the business facts needed to develop satisfactory custom software that performs well. Their extensive experience with the best software development companies in Kerala enables them to guide you with the right technology package that best suit your business.

Custom software development

Personalize your business through custom software development services from Teknoppy. Experience an overall smoothness in business operations through secure and reliable services. Custom software is flexible, scalable, and cost-effective that can lift your standards to the best software development companies in Kochi.

Software development

Software development professionals in Teknoppy have experience developing software for clients from various verticals. We help startups and leading enterprises pitch into the path of continuous growth with software development services.

Software QA and testing

Software quality assurance and testing play a critical part in software development as it ensures the quality and performance of the software. Comprehensive expertise in the software development domain helps us to stay integrated and provide better quality.

Software migration and upgrade

It is quite natural that your software demands a migration to a better platform or an upgraded version for better business returns. You may end up in a mess if you do not partner with a reliable software development company in Kerala.

Software product development

Our software development professionals are ready to help you solve any business problem with high-performing software products. Being the best custom software development company in Kochi, we are confident enough to serve clients from any business vertical like,


What we offer ?

Travel and tourism

The travel and tourism industry finds immense benefits from software development services. Travel and tourism custom software can save time, reduce operational costs, improve security, and automate daily business processes.

Logistics and transportation

Teknoppy custom software development for logistics and transportation aims at easy management of production, inventory, sale orders, freight, goods, and materials. We never depend on templates but are experts in delivering tailor-made solutions for any industry.


Automated systems for process improvement, exceptional diagnosis, enhanced security, and exceptional healthcare standards are a few benefits to the healthcare industry from custom software development. Proficient technical professionals at Teknoppy are the experts in this veteran mode of healthcare software development.

Retail and eCommerce

Software development for retail and eCommerce is inevitable to create success stories. Managing multi-vendor stores manually is almost impossible in this technological era. Teknoppy delivers high-performing custom software for retail and eCommerce industries.

Banking and finance

Banking and finance software can solve many pervasive issues with customer dealing. Artificial Intelligence powered software from Teknoppy can ensure total satisfaction with regard to the functioning and efficiency of banking/finance systems.

Media and entertainment

Stay ahead of the fierce competition in the field with Teknoppy media and entertainment software solutions. Know your audience better and take the right business decisions. Reduce your operational costs and improve your profits.

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