Top-notch IoT development services from the best IoT developers in Kerala

More and more IoT application development companies in Kochi are sprouting day by day due to the huge demand in every industry for connected systems. Establish new connections to the internet to smoothen your business operations with the best IoT app development company in Kochi.


What do we offer?

A proficient IoT team

Teknoppy has been keenly observing the trends and tremendous rise in demand for connected systems. Connected systems are a convenient addition to healthcare facilities, commercial buildings, and even homes. The Best IoT developers in Kochi partner with Teknoppy, a leading IoT development company in India. They help connect your business systems to the internet and make things happen within a week. We are experts in a wide range of IoT services like data analytics and visualization, ETL, IoT application development, and many more!

IoT Application development

Enjoy a handful of benefits like automation, control, real-time access to information, improved efficiency, better data collection, and thus an improved quality of life implementing IoT applications in your business. IoT app development companies in Kochi develop competent web and mobile applications that enable the user to navigate through connected systems.

MVP and PoC to test a product idea

If you have a product idea, Teknoppy professionals can help you test it before you spend the funds. The technical feasibility of your digital product is tested by validating the assumptions with target customers through POC (proof of concept method). A minimum viable product (MVP) is a product's working version only with the principal functionalities. IoT development application services in Kochi help you develop the best version of your product at reasonable rates in a short period.


IoT Development Services

Web Bluetooth App Development

Upgrade the control of a low-energy Bluetooth device like a smart home appliance through a mobile app from your smartphone to a direct control without installing the mobile app. Experience the ease of direct control and eliminate unnecessary mobile apps!

Wearable apps development

Teknoppy wearable app development team has enviable portfolios in developing smartwatches, rings, fitness trackers, and many more. Wearable apps are connected to the internet to exchange data for various purposes. Wearable apps from Teknoppy feature location tracking, and security, lightweight, and easy to use.

iBeacon apps development

iBeacon apps can track and detect smartphones. iBeacon apps can push marketing notifications to shoppers, send real-time notifications to air passengers, and display information about a piece in a museum when the visitors are nearby. Teknoppy develops iBeacon apps that are capable of improving business outcomes.

IoT and blockchain

Blockchain-powered IoT network development makes the machine to machine transactions possible. Data storage using blockchains can add an extra layer of security to prevent attacks from hackers. The system ensures quality and optimizes the supply chain visibility of a business.

IoT and machine learning

The sky is the limit for the scope of IoT and machine learning technologies. It is the cornerstone for predictive applications and predictive maintenance systems like smart parking systems, air pollution monitoring, smart alarm clocks, weather reporting systems, soil moisture detection, etc. Teknoppy professionals are well versed to practice IoT in combination with machine learning.

IoT and big data

When big data couples with IoT, it receives the unorganized data from IoT and transforms it into organized data sets enabling thorough business analysis and business process optimization. Teknoppy professionals well-understand the relation between big data and IoT that bring about technological innovations in every sector.

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