December 19th, 2022

Best reasons to enable https in your website


You might have heard of enabling https in your website for better results. This short guide will give you the best reasons that will help you make the right decision in this matter.
First of all, let us understand what an https is. It is a secure medium for transferring information between a client computer and a server. It makes the communication between the browser and the website safe and secure. If your website is not https enabled, then it will result in stealing the private information that a user has entered in the site. Particularly, if online payments are done in your website, then https is inevitable. Https enabled sites can be easily found out as they have a green padlock before the website url.
Here are the top reasons that will encourage you to make your website https enabled.

1. Will enhance SEO rankings

Google has made clear that an https enabled website will get more preference over non https ones in search results. Thus, it will improve your SEO rankings.

2. Will increase the profits of your ecommerce business

If you are having an ecommerce business, then enabling https will keep the payment information of your customers safe and secure. Users will hesitate to enter vulnerable information to a website that is not https enabled. A recent study has shown that only about 3% of users will purchase from a website which is not https enabled. Thus you will be losing your business and also you will be putting the private information of your customers at great risk. So make your website https compliant to reap great profits from your business.

3. Mobile pages need Https

As more online traffic is generated from mobile pages now a day, people will stay only on those sites which have very little loading time in mobile. Accelerated Mobile pages (AMP) technology is used to load webpages quickly on mobile and AMP technology requires https enabled websites to function. From 2017 Google will use mobile versions of websites to rank search results and for this https is required without any doubt.
4. The latest Google rule

From 2017 non https sites will be shown as not secure by Google. It will be a great blow for your business.
If you really wish to get best results from your SEO and increase you revenue through digital marketing, then https is an unavoidable factor. Even though it is a little expensive it will definitely double your money.

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