December 19th, 2022

All About 301 redirect


If you move your website to a new url , how will your users come to know about it? In the SEO world, this problem has a solution which is known as 301 redirect. If your website url is changed to a new one, then a 301 redirect is used to maintain the website’s domain authority and SEO rankings. It will send your user to the new url from the old domain that was originally asked for. It is a permanent redirect and 301 refers to the https status code of this redirect.
There are many tangible reasons to set up a 301 redirect. Let us look into them.

• It is necessary to associate common website conventions with a url that will in turn maximize the domain authority.
• It is also used when a necessity arises to rebrand or rename the website address.
• Another occasion when a 301 redirect is used is to redirect the users to another website of the same organization.

If you need to rebrand the url, then a 301 redirect is important in maintaining the strength of the inbound links to the original url on the rebranded new domain. Also, companies sometimes buy domains that have a similar name to their old urls in order to increase the search engine traffic.
301 redirect will also prevent duplicate content problems that may arise due the www and non www versions of the same domain name. It is a less known fact to the layman that and are two different websites and a 301 redirect should be set between them.
Even though there are other redirects, a 301 redirect is the best one if we look from the SEO point of view. It will transfer the inbound links from the old domain to the new redirected domain which will help you in the SEO rankings preventing the decrease of the page traffic. So you have to set up a 301 redirect before moving to a new domain.
You should also set up 301 redirect to older internal links of your website and if you fail in that it will result in a bad user experience.
Make use of this information and set up a 301 redirect which will definitely help in increasing the page traffic of your newly changed website address.

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