December 3rd, 2022

Guppy Pets

Guppy pets

Project Description

Guppy Pets is an Emirati-owned e-commerce establishment managed by nature-loving and aqua scaping enthusiasts. They sell an array of brands catering to the various needs of aquatic, canine, avian, and cat products. The eCommerce website first introduces visitors to large, bright images of pet types and featured products. The website makes extensive use of images in its straightforward website design approach. The typeface used on the website is very catchy and impressive. Its products are displayed through chains of images, along with their prices and a description of the product. By filling its website with the most minimal use of colours and straightforward content, the company drives home its message and gains the trust of customers without overwhelming them. Our clients were so happy with the website's design, development,and performance.

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Guppy Pets

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